Hope know no fear ...
  Hope Know no fear

"You think on problem by different ways but the right solution of Problem has only one way."....... Naresh Thakur

I have been dreamer since my childhood and wish to transform these dreams to reality sooner or later. My life at NITJ has taught me that it requires more that just to sit-chitchat-babble and think to do all that I aspire. And one more belief that I got to know is unreal was that I’m no special in this world. All thanks to Almighty for being so kind to me and show me the right path each and every time I was lost. Everyone is born with some gifts and perhaps in my case God wanted me to get it all at my own. I feel contented for what I have. Only pursuit I want to live with is happiness and some admiration for the good work I wish to do in my life. I know this life is sort and I wish to cherish each and every moment. By now felllaawz I think you are bored enough with all this philosophy… but guys that’s the way I am......
Identification: Naresh Thakur NIT Jalandhar

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